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Hear Eluvium’s ‘Entendre,’ a Gentle Reverie From His ‘Nightmare Ending’ LP

Eluvium 'Entendre' Nightmare Ending

Portland’s Matthew Cooper is among those modern ambient music composers whose work has transcended a niche market and seeped its way into the ears of music fans across the spectrum. He’s released a handful of albums under the Eluvium name, subtly modifying his approach every time. On May 14, the Temporary Residence label will release Nightmare Ending, a double-disc set that finds Cooper leaving behind the Brian Eno-style vocals of 2010’s Simile in favor of pure instrumental might. A month ago we heard the blooming beauty “Envenom Mettle,” which featured some mild studio wizardry. Now we’ve got “Entendre,” a four-and-a-half-minute piece for solo piano that’s just as evocative. Fans of Erik Satie and Philip Glass should appreciate the neoclassical reverie, which moves through a series of moods before coming to a quiet, peaceful close.