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Download Chance the Rapper’s Warm, Soulful ‘Acid Rap’ Mixtape

Chance / via Chance the Rapper

Chicago’s Chance the Rapper is currently just an unsigned teen rapper with sizzling Internet buzz and a hell of a lot of talent (he clocked in at #9 on SPIN’s Hottest MC’s of 2013 list). But if he one day becomes an ascendant star like Kendrick Lamar, if not Drake, than his new mixtape Acid Rap will be ground zero. The tape is the second release of Chance’s career, but it’s his first with all eyes watching. He has not strayed from the formula that got him where he is — the mixtape is steeped in the sounds of old soul and gospel music, a subtle throwback to the blueprint of a nascent Kanye West. Chance himself is both excitable and blunted; his whiny, animated voice is a dead ringer for Eminem, but his concerns (drugs and girls, mostly) are exactly what you’d expect from a kid whose last mixtape was named after a school drug suspension.

You can download Acid Rap right here. It features contributions from Twista, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, and Childish Gambino. It’s a good sign that the kid’s latest tape knocked Chicago rap hub Fake Shore Drive‘s servers offline.