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Stream Double Dagger’s Schizophrenic Swan Song ‘Heretic’s Hymn’

Double Dagger

“But if this is my last song / These are the last words I ever write,” Double Dagger vocalist Nolen Strals speak-sings on “Heretic’s Hymn,” the closing track off the now-defunct post-hardcore trio’s upcoming 333 “I hope you won’t forget / You’re only free making art outside.”

Those words actually became the last ones Strals would proclaim on record as frontman for the Baltimore outfit, which disbanded in 2011. Since then, Double Dagger’s members have separately joined up with Roomrunner, Peals, and Pure Junk, but the Maryland bruisers will revisit their glory days on Record Store Day (April 20) by issuing the six-track 333 collection, along with If We Shout Loud Enough, a documentary that follows the three-piece’s final tour.

Stream the schizophrenic “Heretic’s Hymn” — part slam-dance shout-along, part winding instrumental — below. Then watch the trailer for If We Shout Loud Enough.