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Disclosure Document a Romantic European Trip in Gorgeous ‘You & Me’ Video

Disclosure, "You & Me," video

Disclosure can do no wrong lately, and that goes for the U.K. dance producers’ videos, too. Brother duo Guy and Howard Lawrence have found — and mastered — a sweet spot between spacious ’10s post-dubstep pop (the xx, SBTRKT, Jessie Ware), jittery turn-of-the-millennium London 2-step garage, and slinky ’90s U.S. R&B. Latest single “You & Me,” featuring British singer Eliza Doolittle, is of a piece with previous tracks “White Noise” and “Latch,” but this one’s more wistfully love-buzzed: They’re not latching on to us, they’re letting us in.

The videos for those two previous tracks were enthralling, whether the security-guard dance moves of “White Noise” or the slow-motion intimacy of “Latch,” and the new clip for “You & Me” only ratchets up the excitement, following a young couple on a dildo-and-all journey through Europe. It’s full of details that sell us on the touching reality of this couple’s romance, and we won’t spoil it for you any more. “You & Me” is on a singles EP due out April 30 via Interscope and will also appear on debut LP Settle, due out in the U.K. on June 3.

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