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Devo Bare Their (Foam) Breasts for ‘Hardcore’ Reissues

devo, hardcore, reissues

More than 20 years ago, Devo collected a vast slew of mid-1970s demos and released them as the two-volume Hardcore series. Now the Are We Not Men? New Wavers are reissuing those early ’90s compilations through their own Booji Boy Records, in conjunction with label Superior Viaduct (via Exclaim!).

Vinyl re-pressings of both Hardcore volumes are scheduled for a May 14 drop date. Pre-orders are currently available for standard black editions, as well as a deluxe bundle set featuring red LPs and two full-colored posters — because who wouldn’t want a photo of a bunch of dudes wearing foam breasts hanging up on their wall? 

Hardcore Volume 2, which comes as a 2xLP package, includes four previously unreleased Devo tracks: “Man From The Past,” “Doghouse Doghouse,” “Hubert House,” and “Shimmy Shake.” A double-CD version of Hardcore housing volumes one and two together has a tentative release date of August 2013.

Stream two songs from Hardcore Volume 1, “Auto Modown” and “Jocko Homo,” down below.

Hardcore Volume 1 track list:

1. “Mechanical Man”
2. “Auto Modown”
3. “Space Girl Blues”
4. “Social Fools”
5. “Soo Bawls”
6. “Satisfaction”
7. “Jocko Homo”
8. “Golden Energy”
9. “Buttered Beauties”
10. “Midget”
11. “I’m a Potato”
12. “Uglatto”
13. “Stop Look and Listen”
14. “Ono”
15. “Mongoloid”

Hardcore Volume 2 track list:

1. “Booji Boy’s Funeral”
2. “Can U Take It?”
3. “Bamboo Bimbo”
4. “A Plan for U”
5. “The Rope Song”
6. “Goo Goo Itch”
7. “Be Stiff”
8. “All Of Us”
9. “Baby Talkin’ Bitches”
10. “I Need a Chick”
11. “U Got Me Bugged”
12. “Chango”
13. “Fraulein”
14. “Dogs Of Democracy”
15. “37”
16. “Bottled Up”
17. “Working in a Coalmine”
18. “I Been Refused”
19. “Fountain of Filth”
20. “Clockout”
21. “Let’s Go”
22. “Man From the Past”
23. “Doghouse Doghouse”
24. “Hubert House”
25. “Shimmy Shake”