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See All of Death Grips’ Chaotic Thrill-Ride of a SXSW Set

Yes, the same one that beamed in Zach Hill via Skype

If you didn’t make it to Austin this year for South By Southwest but count yourself among SPIN’s loyal readership, then you probably know what you missed. As Charles Aaron put it, Death Grips’ set was filled with “chaotically thrilling what-the-fuckness.” Oh, but he went on: “MC Ride’s mad-prophet rants were accompanied by a barrage of both digital beats from an elaborate stage set-up as well as live, Skyped-in (!) drums from the duo’s driving force Zach Hill.”

Thanks to the presence of a handful of headcams, the Sacramento noise blasters were able to capture the event and issue the fiercely disorienting “Lock Your Doors” video, but Boiler Room TV does them one better by releasing the entire 33-minute set in crisply captured HD. Tap into the office PA system and crank the volume as you ride with SPIN’s Artist of the Year for 2012, then catch up on NO LOVE DEEP WEB via our Albums of the Year list.