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Dan Deacon GIFs Baltimore Artists in Interactive ‘Konono Ripoff No. 1’ Video

Dan Deacon, "Konono Ripoff Nº1," video

Dan Deacon’s Record Store Day single “Konono Ripoff Nº1,” named for Congolese junkyard percussion maestros Konono Nº1, offers two versions of the same song, each with different drummers. Likewise, Deacon’s “Konono Ripoff Nº1” video is actually two videos in one. Above, you can watch the basic clip, which consists of twitchy animated-GIF portraits of Baltimore arts community members. If you download the Dan Deacon smartphone app, you can also watch an interactive version of the video; the app allows smartphone users to control the speed of the objects rotating in the animated GIFs. The app also comes in handy at live shows, as Deacon’s network-TV debut last year and the recent video for 2012 album America‘s “Guilford Ave Bridge” demonstrate. Even without the app, the mix of Deacon’s characteristically deranged electronics and the disorienting visuals makes for a fairly euphoric three minutes. Now if only the actual Konono Nº1 would get involved…