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Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky,’ Already Leaked, Officially Premieres at Midnight

"Daft Punk" / Getty Images

After months of teasing and days of leaks of all kind — fan-made, unmixed, newfangled Rickrolls — the official mp3 of Daft Punk’s comeback single “Get Lucky” will be available for download at 12:01 a.m. EST, according to MTV. A very real-sounding version of the track slipped out into the Internet yesterday, but otherwise the band has confined the single — which features vocals from Pharrell and guitar by Nile Rodgers — to snippets used in videos.

The Parisian robots’ new album Random Access Memories, their first studio album since 2005’s Human After All, will drop worldwide on May 21. They recently revealed the tracklist in typically cryptic fashion via Vine:

1. “Give Life Back to Music”
2. “The Game of Love”
3. “Giorgio by Moroder”
4. “Within”
5. “Instant Crush”
6. “Lose Yourself to Dance”
7. “Touch”
8. “Get Lucky”
9. “Beyond”
10. “Motherboard”
11. “Fragments of Time”
12. “Doin’ It Right”
13. “Contact”