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Stream Cumulus’ Overcast ‘Do You Remember’

Cumulus / Photo by Joseph Traina

Nostalgia has its limits, but the sense of invulnerability that comes automatically with youth is hard to let go. The title question of “Do You Remember,” an elegant, understated work of deftly flickering guitar pop, refers to just this: “Do you remember when young meant invincible?” lilts Alexandra Niedzialkowski, who originally formed Cumulus with guitarist Lance Umble. They’ve added bassist Leah Julius to round out their sound for May 21 debut I Never Meant It to Be Like This. With a whoa-oh-oh-ing chorus coming next, this track should find a welcoming audience in fans of similarly catchy Denver duo Tennis (whose last album was produced by Dan Auerbach), for example. But where those two tend to summon up sunny beaches, Cumulus roll out a comforting rainy-day blanket.

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