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Hear Coyote Clean Up’s Lo-Fi Disco Romp ‘AWESOME LUV’

Coyote Clean Up

Coyote Clean Up is another alias of Detroit house usurper Ice Cold Chrissy, a DJ/producer with a distinct, lo-fi-meets-high-tech style. His approach might best be described as “rave in a cave,” both for the project’s humble bedroom origins and for the very sound of the music. After releasing the promising Magma Mondays on the worth-watching Time No Place label in November, CCU is prepping another album for April 30 — the aptly titled 2 HOT 2 WAIT, which comes to us via Los Angeles’ DIY dance imprint 100% Silk (see also Maria Minerva and Fort Romeau).

According to the artist himself, the LP is all about duality: “Blistering heat on a sun bleach beach and ice cold pitch black nights in a frozen city. Lonely bedroom dreaming and muggy packed dance floors. Pedal to the metal on the interstate and back road riding dirty. Head in future clouds and heart in the nostalgic past.” Below you’ll find the aural embodiment of those disparate ideas in a song called “AWESOME LUV,” which combines gossamer tones with four-on-the-four thumps to impressive effect. Spacey vocals and aqueous effects abound in the six-minute song, making it both a worthy headphones trip and an excellent excuse to dance.