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See Colin Stetson and Justin Vernon’s ‘And in Truth’ Echo Over a Frozen Wilderness

Colin Stetson Justin Vernon And In Truth Video In Mirrors

Bon Iver sax man Colin Stetson is a master of focus and mood — a baritone brass-wielding genius who can create entire emotional arcs and detail-laden compositions using only a single instrument. It’s no wonder that, as he recently told SPIN, the man maintains a rigorous mind/body fitness regimen that includes yoga, morning breathing exercises, and meditation. His album New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light is due out April 30 on Constellation Records. So far we’ve heard a handful of highlights — the haunting “High Above a Grey Green Sea,” and a four-song batch that included some guest vocals from Justin Vernon — and now we’ve got some stark yet glorious visuals to take in. Above you’ll find the video for a pair of songs: the mournful and frozen “In Mirrors,” followed by “And in Truth,” which finds Vernon cooing beauty over a lush and warm set of layered sax sounds. The imagery is cold to be sure, but Kurtis Hough’s frosty artwork in part one resolves into a snow-covered living forest in part two, directed by Dan Huiting and Tabb Firchau. See if you don’t get the chills.