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Download Clouds’ Glowering Remix of Blue Hawaii’s Sunny ‘In Two’

Clouds' 'Ghost Rave Systems' Cover Art

The Scottish duo Clouds chose their name wisely: They like their techno thunderous, strafed with rave stabs, and bursting with sub bass. (Talk about low-pressure systems.) So what happens when they meet up with Montreal’s dulcet Blue Hawaii? A storm in paradise, obviously. Blue Hawaii (Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alexander Cowan) make delicate electro-pop suffused with layered voices and chiming guitars; “In Two,” from their new album, Untogether, is a dream-pop madrigal set to a bubbly minimal-techno beat — part Grimes, part Ada, and smartly balancing polish with naiveté. Clouds deploy slow-motion breakbeats and 303 squelch to turn the song into a particularly gloomy take on hip-house, with a sun-streaked breakdown that provides a welcome silver lining to their endless-bummer beats.

Download Blue Hawaii’s “In Two (Clouds Rennuredalb Mix)” below. Half Hawaii’s Untogether is out now on Arbutus, and Clouds’ Ghost Rave Systems comes out June 10 on Turbo.