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Hear Christopher Paul Stelling’s Furious Country Strummer ‘Brick x Brick’

Christopher Paul Stelling / Photo by Christopher McLallen

Christopher Paul Stelling combines the organic approach of the Low Anthem with the impassioned histrionics of a pumped-up Jack White — if you’re on the look for some high-energy Americana (that’s actually from America), let this songwriting guide you to greener pastures than those recently visited by the Grammys. The Daytona-via-Brooklyn musician is self-releasing his second album, False Cities, on May 21 (preorder comes with an immediate download of the entire thing), an effort that opens with a furious country strummer called “Brick x Brick.” The way this man delivers his songs, it’s not hard to imagine him actually “tap-dancing down the edge of this here knife,” as he sings at one point from within a small tornado of acoustic guitar and fiddle. CPS only released his first album, Songs of Praise and Scorn, last year and you can stream it via the artist’s website.

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