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Chris Cornell’s Way Enthused About New Temple of the Dog Album, Audioslave Not as Much

chris cornell, soundgarden

Chris Cornell showed up on Reddit today (April 8) to conduct an incredibly dull Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. The Soundgarden frontman — who is a pretty funny guy, by our accounts and SPIN cover star Dave Grohl’s — didn’t unveil any absurd collaborations with Ke$ha, preview any upcoming material, or tell anyone to go fuck themselves. Instead, Cornell played it straight, answering Redditors’ queries quickly and (we presume, for the most part) sincerely.

But just because the King Animal singer gave the go-ahead on a new Temple of the Dog album (“YES!”) and nodded half-heartedly at an Audioslave revival (“Sure”), doesn’t mean fans should start firing off celebratory tweets. As Grohl put it recently, the members of Soundgarden are “super dry and hilarious.” Well, we’ve definitely found evidence of the “super dry” part.

What are some of Chris Cornell’s non-musical hobbies?
“Fuck, I don’t have any.”

If Chris Cornell could collaborate with any musician with any musician in history, who would it be?
“It’s a catch 22, because the ones I would want to collaborate the most with I would be too afraid to collaborate with. For example John Lennon, how would you sit in a room and collaborate with him? I’d feel unworthy.”

What is Chris Cornell’s favorite Beatles song?
“They’re all my favorites.”

What exactly is a “Spoonman” and what inspired that classic song?
“Spoonman is a real guy that is a virtuoso spoon player and brilliant entertainer, as well as a super unique and great person. he’s in the video.

What is Chris Cornell’s favorte song from Badmotorfinger?
“‘Rusty Cage’ has the best mix. ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ is definitely the most fun to play live.”

Is there going to be a follow-up to King Animal?
“We definitely plan on making another album.”

Is Chris Cornell going to release a new solo album any time soon?
“Yes, hopefully before the end of the year.”

What does Chris Cornell like to eat for breakfast?
“Don’t eat breakfast.”

How does Chris Cornell feel about people using smartphones to record videos while at concerts? (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are definitely not into it.)
“I’m fine with it.”

Will Chris Cornell acknowledge this Reddit user’s existence?