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Chris Brown Shades Frank Ocean in Typical Classless Fashion

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What’s Chris Brown’s next big goal? “Continuously being a good dude,” he told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez yesterday (March 31). It’s a sentiment we can appreciate — after all, Chris Brown deserves respect, according to Chris Brown — but the “continuously” part may be troublesome. Last week in speaking to Power 106’s Big Boy, the singer said his beef with Frank Ocean is all “in the past,” that it was “blown out of proportion,” and that he has “respect for [Ocean’s] music.” But in speaking to Martinez, he took a swipe at our Album of the Year author.

Brown chalked up the channel ORANGE artist’s reaction to allegedly getting jumped by Breezy at the studio as a plea for attention. “I think it’s a lot of strategies people try to use when they’re up for awards, and [this was] the sympathy role. I don’t have to go that route. I just do my music,” he said before adding in a high-pitched voice, “Love your music bro. Have fun.” Does he actually love the music, Martinez asked. “Nah. Not so much,” he laughed. He stressed that he doesn’t have to look for trouble these days because, duh, “Trouble find me.”

By the end of the interview, Brown admitted that he hopes to be a legend some day, as well as a “cultural ambassador.” Meanwhile, in discussing his drama with Drake, who once had a relationship with Rihanna, the very same man explained that when he’s with his famous girlfriend, “I don’t really try to talk about him … I just lay the pipe. I don’t pillow talk.” And in a guest verse on Young Jeezy’s new “R.I.P.” remix, Brown suggests that Drake out himself as homosexual since he “Started From the Bottom,” via MTV. We suppose low culture is still “culture.”

To his credit, Brown did sound humble at various points throughout the interview. In addressing the current status of his career, he said, “I feel like I’m just getting successful. The hard part is over. I went through the kind of obstacle that God made me go through so I could be humble. I think now it’s just about focusing on what really matters, and affecting the people with my music the right way.” Let’s hope he means it. Otherwise that Law & Order episode that he claims not to have watched could be closer to reality than it seemed.

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