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Watch Chief Keef’s Menacing ‘Where He Get It’ Video

Latest from Chicago teen's upcoming 'Bang Pt. 2' mixtape

Chief Keef has let new material leak out on a slow drip since returning home from jail in March, with tracks coming in the form of a snippet here and an elaborate Gucci Mane interpolation there. “Where He Get It” is the newest track off his forthcoming mixtape Bang Pt. 2, and it’s the most ominous song he’s released in some time. Produced by the unlikely Atlanta trio of Southside, Sonny Digital, and Metro Boomin, the beat is a swarm of haunted-house synths punctuated by rattling hi-hats that overtly mimic the short burst of an automatic weapon. It’s dense almost to the point of being comical, which the producers slyly acknowledge with one whistling keyboard that sounds ripped from the spooky levels of Super Mario Bros.

Keef, meanwhile, is at the top of his spirits, driving an Audi around Los Angeles with his boys. Like he has so often lately, he swims with the beat, letting his vocals become just another element in the cacophony of sound. His message, though, is still pointed: “I get that cash back, just like it’s elastic / I’m a rich nigga, no pops / You a broke bastard.”