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Watch Chelsea Light Moving Debut Chocolate-Inspired ‘The Ecstasy’ Live on KEXP

Chelsea Light Moving, "The Ecstasy," video, KEXP

Chelsea Light Moving make artfully messy noise-rock look almost too easy. If Thurston Moore’s first album with his expert new band showed Sonic Youth’s hiatus hadn’t dimmed his creative spirit, then the group’s debut of new song “The Ecstasy” live in the studio for Seattle’s KEXP suggests there should be plenty more where that came from. As KEXP’s Kevin Cole writes for NPR, Moore spotted John Donne’s poem “The Ecstasy” printed on the wrapper of a chocolate bar, and before anyone knew it Chelsea Light Moving had come up with full-throated guitar-render above, using Donne’s words as lyrics.

Watch “The Ecstasy” above, and check out the full, three-song session below. And while it’s unclear what type of “ecstasy” Moore might’ve had in mind, there’s no reason not to revisit our exhaustive feature Rolling in the Deep: Hip-Hop’s Greatest Molly Moments.