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Cannibal Ox Return With Three New ‘Gotham’ Songs, Their First Fresh Material in 13 Years

Cannibal Ox 'Gotham' 'Gases in Hell' 'Psalm 82' New Songs

Indie-rap icons Cannibal Ox have shared their first new sounds since announcing their return late last year. What began as a simple reunion show quickly evolved into promises of an album — the duo’s first since their bona fide classic debut The Cold Vein. In February we learned that Vast Aire and Vordul Mega went the Kickstarter route to fund their new single “Gotham (Ox City).” Now that single has a release date, April 16, and a couple additional tracks attached to it: “Gases in Hell (Inhale)” and “Psalm 82.” What’s more, you can stream ’em all below.

While El-P produced the group’s last effort, these were all helmed by Bill Cosmiq, who demonstrates an aptly dark and claustrophobic touch. “Gotham (Ox City)” is a heady crawl through an aural urban hellscape hosted by two world-weary poets who appear to be in top form. Old school fans should geek over the “Iron Galaxy” lyrical throwback on “Gases in Hell (Inhale),” but nostalgia isn’t the focus — while it doesn’t sound like a day has passed since Vein, Vast and Vordul were always spitting from the future. “Psalm 82,” to wit, plays like an inter-dimensional Wu-banger. Fans will be able to nab the tracks via Amazon.