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Hear Camera Obscura’s Bouncy Pop Flirtation ‘Do It Again’

First glimpse of 'Desire Lines,' out June 4 via 4AD

So that’s why they called it Desire Lines. When Camera Obscura revealed their next album would have the same title as a song by 4AD labelmates Deerhunter, it was easy to hope and/or fear the moody Scottish popsters would go all noise-rock on us. As intriguing as that could be, the Glaswegians don’t fix what ain’t broken on “Do It Again,” the bouncy, tuneful first listen from Camera Obscura’s June 4 album (which is available for pre-order). Motown’s stomp and indie-pop’s jangle still course through the song — frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell alludes to “Tears of a Clown” — but as part of a festively flush arrangement, with bustling hand percussion, smoky, melodic lead guitar, and an extra helping of ebullient backing vocals. “You were insatiable,” Campbell sings, as the song’s cheerful friskiness suggests a different type of desire. You know, Norwegian space-disco trio Meanderthals put out an album called Desire Lines once, too. Camera Obscura have done it again.

Desire Lines track list:

1. “Intro”
2. “This Is Love (Feels Alright)”
3. “Troublemaker”
4. “William’s Heart”
5. “New Year’s Resolution”
6. “Do It Again”
7. “Cri Du Coeur”
8. “Every Weekday”
9. “Fifth in Line to the Throne”
10. “I Missed Your Party”
11. “Break It to You Gently”
12. “Desire Lines”
13. “Making Money”