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Hear Brass Bed’s Psychedelic Jangler ‘Please Don’t Go’

Brass Bed 'Please Don't Go' The Secret Will Keep You

Louisiana quartet Brass Bed may have a slightly bleak outlook — “Your dream job, your dream girl, your dream you,” reads the band’s bio, “[are] really all just that: dreams” — but they do a great job of dressing up all that depression in some beautiful pop songcraft. Sure, they dabble in the noise from time to time, but so did Wilco. And last year we had the pleasure of debuting the boys’ “A Bullet for You,” from their 7-inch of the same name. Now Brass Bed are plotting their return with The Secret Will Keep You, a new full-length due April 23 on Crossbill Records. Below you’ll find “Please Don’t Go,” a psych-kissed, organ-powered jangler with enough electricity to power your cell phone or laptop for the next 25 listens (please review your data plan before attempting).

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