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Hear Bored Nothing’s Narcotic ‘I Wish You Were Dead’

From Fergus Miller's forthcoming, self-titled full-length debut, out tomorrow on Spunk/Cooperative Music

Bored Nothing is exactly the sort of self-deprecating band name that you’d expect from a teenager holed up in a bedroom. And Fergus Miller, the youngster behind it all, seems to fit the archetype. After self-releasing a series of cassettes recorded both at home and during his nomadic teenager years, Miller is poised to release his self-titled debut, a full-length that compiles the best bits from those early works. But while the Bored Nothing moniker conjures Wavves-like visions of youthful nihilism, Miller’s works are more tranquil and hazy than they are bratty. The guitar bursts that open “I Wish You Were Dead” give way not to bitter emoting, but to winding arpeggios and the sedated, reverb-cloaked close harmonies that Slowdive made their own. With a dazed Miller behind the wheel on “I Wish You Were Dead,” the name seems more of a two-word thesis statement than a tossed-off joke.