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Black Sabbath Debut Riff Monster ‘Methademic’ Live in Australia

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath just might convince you to spring for the deluxe edition. The metal lifers, who are set to release Rick Rubin-produced new album 13 on June 11, performed deluxe-edition bonus track “Methademic” recently live in Australia (via Blabbermouth). Don’t bother watching the nosebleed visuals, and please bear mind the sound is definitely bootleggy, but you can still get the lurching, riff-scorched idea.

Catching only the gist of new Sabbath songs could become a pattern. Ozzy Osbourne and the lads will somehow premiere eight-minute epic “End of the Beginning,” which they’ve also been playing live, during CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s May 15 season finale. For a full, studio track, check out the album’s previously released first single, the nine-minute dirge “God Is Dead?”

In a couple of short months, U.S. fans will have a chance to experience new — and old — Sabbath material in the flesh. The band has announced a 20-city trek through North America. You can be that guy in front loudly requesting a song called “Methademic.”