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Preview Bibio’s ‘Silver Wilkinson’ Album, an Organic Electronic Dream

Warp Records mainstay shares trippy visuals and sounds

British beatsmith and dream-pop producer Bibio is prepping his seventh album for a May 14 release. We’re still not sure what a Silver Wilkinson is, but everything we’ve heard thus far suggests that it has a proclivity for gorgeous combinations of acoustic instrumentation and electronic modulation, with an emphasis on the kind of forward-thinking sonics that continue to power the Warp Music label. Above, Bibio has crafted a three-minute trip through the new LP’s track list, accompanied by purty visuals that play off of the album’s artwork. There are drifting folk ditties, amped-up electro excursions, psychedelic pop-ups, and something that brings the Avalanches to mind — a typically diverse mix that sticks together quite nicely.

“If there was a preconceived idea before this album started coming together,” writes Bibio via statement, “it was a fairly vague one: to focus more on an organic and live sound and to record more guitar and other live instrumentation. However, I’m no purist, so I don’t restrain myself from taking stylistic diversions, to do so might be to dispose of the unplanned.”

Explore a few detours with the man in the clip above, and dig into “À tout à l’heure” below.

Bibio, Silver Wilkinson track list:
1. “The First Daffodils”
2. “Dye the Water Green”
3. “Wulf”
4. “Mirroring All”
5. “À tout à l’heure”
6. “Sycamore Silhouetting”
7. “You”
8. “Raincoat”
9. “Look at Orion!”
10. “Business Park”
11. “You Won’t Remember…”

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