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Hear Best Coast’s ‘Fear of My Identity,’ a Record Store Day Return to the Beach

best coast, fear of my own identity

A couple of months back, Best Coast teased “Fear of My Identity,” the A-side from the California duo’s Record Store Day 2013 exclusive 7-inch, and, now that the annual vinyl celebration is behind us, the latest track from SPIN cover girl Bethany Cosentino and bandmate Bobb Bruno has washed up online. As SPIN noted originally, this fuzz-filled ode to growing up and getting older (not necessarily the same thing) hews closer to the sunglasses-clad power-pop of 2010’s Crazy for You, not the open-hearted balladry that dominated last year’s The Only Place. On the new song, Cosentino’s vocals owe more to Ronnie Spector than Neko Case — a welcome taste for sun-starved fans waiting for Best Coast’s upcoming EP