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Hear At the Drive-In’s ‘One Armed Scissor’ Chopped and Looped by the Field

At the Drive-In 'One Armed Scissor' the Field Remix

The men who founded At the Drive-In may not see eye to eye anymore — Omar Rodríguez-López called last year’s reunion a nostalgia-driven cash-grab, and Cedric Bixler-Zavala tweeted Mars Volta’s demise in January — but their legions of fans have still a few things to look forward to. ATDI’s own label Twenty-First Chapter Records only just reissued the band’s 1996 debut album Acrobatic Tenement, and will be dropping 2000’s final LP Relationship of Command on April 20 (there will be a limited-edition color-pressed vinyl version for Record Store Day enthusiasts). What’s more, Relationship single “One Armed Scissor” will get a 12-inch release on May 13 featuring a nine-minute remix by Swedish minimal techno star the Field. The two artists’ sounds couldn’t be farther apart, so you’d be correct in guessing that little of the original is retained. Instead, the man born Axel Willner does what he does best — cut away! cut away! — and loops his tiny samples into a quickly pulsing, slowly evolving aural monolith.

And the staggeringly great original, in case you missed it: