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Alice in Chains Go Literal for Soul-Crushing ‘Stone’ Video

Alice in Chains, stone, the devil put dinosaurs here

Alice in Chains floated in space for the video to “Hollow,” the lead single off the grunge legends’ upcoming fifth album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (due May 28 from Virgin/EMI), but the Seattle bulldozers have returned to Earth for the clip for “Stone,” the second taste of AiC’s upcoming full-length. Set in the middle of a desert, the video focuses on a handful of poor saps who, for some reason, are forced to lug stones up rocky hills and across vast stretches of land. The camera regularly cuts to Alice in Chains as they lurch through the Devil track, scoring the characters’ Sisyphean efforts. Slowly, the boulders get heavier and the pebbles multiply until, one by one, the weary slaves turn to stone themselves and crack. Subtle, no?