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See Hirsute Estonian Punk Maniacs Winny Puhh’s Insane Eurovision Spectacle

winny puhh, eurovision

Estonia is a small European nation that resides south of Finland along the Baltic Sea. Its capital and largest city is Tallinn, and its chief exports are oil shale, Skype, and — apparently — death-defying punk rock.

Winny Puhh competed to be the country’s musical representation at this year’s annual Eurovision song contest, and the band single-handedly put the Estonian punk scene on the map with a performance that featured wolfman masks, spandex wresting uniforms, and a high flying conjoined drumkit that allowed two drummers to pound away while spinning and soaring through the air (via Antiquiet).

As with all Eurovision performances, Winny Puhh’s appearance is all spectacle, but that doesn’t mean their song “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti” — or “One of the Meiecundimees Korsakov went yesterday to Latvia,” (according to a free internet translator) — is any less kick-ass. The drumming especially is worth the 458,000+ views this video has racked up on YouTube. Winny Puhh have been rocking Estonia since 1993, so it’s nice to see their dues finally being paid off with some worldwide viral love.