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When Saints Go Machine Go Neo-Noir for ‘Love and Respect’ Video

when saints go machine, love and respect

When Saints Go Machine have gone cinematic for the sleek new video to “Love and Respect,” the synth-infused lead single off the Copenhagen foursome’s upcoming full-length, Infinity Pool (out May 28 via !K7). The three-minute clip plays like a crime thriller tracking a botched heist: open with an abandoned car, cut to a mysterious man on the run, throw in some thugs with flashlights and vicious-looking dogs, work in a Tarantino-esque shot from the trunk of a vehicle, torch the car, and end with an execution.

Directors Frederik Hvlid and Sebastian Birk said in a statement that the short is more politically minded and actually “set in a dystopian future, [where] the one remaining revolutionary keeps the last hope of the world in the trunk of his car, while the totalitarian authorities desperately want it back.” Either approach — outlaw or activist — calls for a guest verse from R.A.P. Music champion Killer Mike, who happily obliges. The outspoken ATLien doesn’t appear in the video, sadly, but he’s aligned with the Danish crew in spirit.

Below, see a quick Windows 98-influenced teaser for Infinity Pool, followed by the album’s cover art and track list.

Infinity Pool track list:

1. “Love and Respect” (feat. Killer Mike)
2. “Infinity Killer”
3. “Iodine”
4. “Yard Heads”
5. “System of Unlimited Love”
6. “Mental Shopping Spree”
7. “Degeneration”
8. “Mannequin”
9. “Order”
10. “Webs”
11. “Deadboy”
12. “Slave to the Take in Your Heaven”