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Weezer, Being Better Than Sugar Ray, Launch Another Caribbean Cruise

Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, cruise

In January 2012, the inaugural Weezer Cruise set sail, with performances by Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Wavves, and more. The tour’s eponymous alt-poppers were there, too, playing Pinkerton and recently re-reissued The Blue Album from top to bottom. Cruise-goers sailed from Miami to Cozumel. We’ll assume all “Across the Sea,” “Holiday,” and other Weezer-related vacation puns were exhausted more than a year ago.

Now, Rivers Cuomo and his band of merry-when-not-somewhat-angsty men will be hitting the water again. Weezer Cruise 2014 will launch from Jacksonville, Florida, with two stops in the Bahamas before returning to port on February 17. Weezer will play three sets and take part in various onboard activities, and this time the festival will include a private beach concert in Nassau. The cruise website promises “many more bands” will still be announced. Pre-sales start Wednesday, March 20, at noon EDT.

Of course, cruises have turned into a burgeoning business for the music industry, including Coachella’s Jarvis Cocker-captained voyage. But Weezer’s decision to hit the waves once more comes at a time when a couple of planned cruises, including R. Kelly’s Love Letter high-seas adventure, have never left the dock.

Most recently, Sugar Ray’s former frontman — you know, that troubled hunk from Reality Bites — was forced to pull the plug on the Mark McGrath & Friends cruise for various reasons, including last month’s Carnival Triumph calamity (“that poop cruise”). Weezer eventually followed The Blue Album with The Green Album and The Red Album. What could Brown do for them?

Watch a video trailer for the cruise below, and imagine an “Island in the Sun” (sorry).