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Watch Wax Fang’s Zombie-Filled ‘Dawn of the Dead of the Night of the Hunter’ Video

Wax Fang

When Wax Fang unleashed the video for “Mirror Mirror,” the title track off the Louisville rockhounds’ 2012 EP, SPIN name-dropped The Lord of the Rings and Labyrinth as influences on the clip’s warped fairy tale aesthetic. Now the Scott Carney-led showmen have unveiled yet another cinematic short, this one for “Dawn of the Dead of the Night of the Hunter,” a prog-roots anthem off the Mirror Mirror EP. The My Morning Jacket-approved outfit took a literal approach with this video, cutting together footage from the two films nodded at in the song’s title: 1978’s zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and the essential 1955 thriller The Night of the Hunter. Guns are fired, brains are splattered, and townies alternate between looking absolutely terrified and just plain unfulfilled. Head up top to watch the glorious, cathartic movie mashup.