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Watch Death Grips’ Five Mysterious ‘No Hands’ Videos

death grips no hands videos

Since every indie-leaning website is currently at SXSW — drunk on Corona and FIDLAR — today is maybe the most counterintuitive day to release anything on the internet. So of course Death Grips are up to something. SPIN’s Artist of the Year 2012 posted five mysterious short videos — dubbed “No Hands” — on their YouTube channel that suggest that new music from the group might be on the way. The Grips have been mostly quiet since their very public split with Epic Records, and now that Zach Hill and MC Ride are no longer handcuffed by a record contract, they could pretty much do whatever they want, which means — hopefully — releasing a follow-up to NO LOVE DEEP WEB in the near future.

The videos include (1) one of those Skywriter UFO helicopter things that they sell at Brookstone with DEATH GRIPS repeating over and over again, (2) distorted live footage, (3) a couple chatting on videophone being eavesdropped, (4) a POV shot of Zach Hill drumming, and (5) what sounds like the first snippet of new music from the Sacramento duo in months. Watch all five videos, try to piece together the mystery.