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Watch Puppets Masturbate in Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘Swim and Sleep’ Video

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, "Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)," video

Unknown Mortal Orchestra continue to take a just slightly offbeat path. Last week, the Portland-based band chewed gum during its national TV debut. Before that, McLovin starred in the video for “So Good at Being in Trouble,” from UMO’s new sophomore album, II. And now the latest video from the album involves puppets masturbating and working out their psychological problems. The song puts Fleet Foxes-worthy folksy ruminations over a slinky bass-and-drum groove, all of which is then coated in a light but appealing coat of grit. The video offers a sometimes unsettling, sometimes funny, always provocative accompaniment for lead UMO-er Ruban Nielson’s musings about sleeping and floating (not rolling) in the deep.