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Tyler, the Creator’s Dave Matthews-Featuring ‘Wolf’ Track List Is a Big, Fat Fake

Tyler, the Creator 'Wolf' Track List Erykah Badu Pharrell Stereolab Dave Matthews

The release date for Tyler, the Creator’s new album Wolf is fast approaching — it’s out April 2 via Odd Future Records — so fans and press alike are eager for any details that emerge, no matter how sketchy, even if they include the name “Matthews, Dave.” Over the weekend, it was discovered that Amazon’s German site had shared what appeared to be the track list for the OFWGKTA leader’s third LP, but Pitchfork has since confirmed that it’s “a fake.”

Again, the biggest tip-off came with one name in particular: Dave Matthews, showing up on a Frank Ocean-featuring song called “Escapism.” Considering the presence of John Mayer on channel ORANGE, some suspension of disbelief might be justified, but not much. Still, the rest of the collabos don’t seem far-fetched: various Odd Future cronies; Pharrell (Tyler’s worked with him); Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier (Tyler is an avowed fan); and Erykah Badu, friend of OF advocate Flying Lotus.

Badu would have been a guest on “Treehome95,” the piano-driven ballad that he recently debuted on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, which did indeed feature Coco O live. Also, the iTunes link to Wolf includes 18 tracks (unnamed), and it’s worth noting that Tyler’s camp could be denying Amazon track list’s validity simply because it leaked before they were ready (ahem, How to Destroy Angels). But Dave Matthews? That’s about as likely a cameo as Steve Harvey.

Here’s what we do know about Wolf. Tyler announced it on Valentine’s Day via his skydiving Loiter Squad partner L-Boy. Via Twitter he promised “ALOT OF GAY JOKES BIKE REFERENCES AND CHORDS STOLEN FROM STUFF I DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT I YELL ALOT TOO.” We’ve seen the completely Gonzo video for “Domo 23,” which cast Tyler as a pro wrestler. And we’ve seen “Treehome” (plus “Domo 23” again) performed on Fallon. Oh, and it’s gonna suck according to its Creator: 

“Fake” Tyler, the Creator, Wolf track list:

1. “Wolf”
2. “Jamba” (ft. Hodgy Beats)
3. “Cowboy”
4. “Awkward”
5. “Domo23”
6. “Answer”
7. “Escape-Ism” (ft. Frank Ocean, Dave Matthews)
8. “48”
9. “The Bridge Of Love”
10. “Bimmer” (ft. Laetitia Sadier, Frank Ocean)
11. “Ifhy” (ft. Pharrell)
12. “Pigs”
13. “Parking Lot” (ft. Casey Veggie, Mike G)
14. “Rusty” (ft. Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt)
15. “Trashwang” (ft. Na’kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain, Lee Spielman)
16. “Treehome95” (ft. Coco O, Erykah Badu)
17. “Tamale” (ft. Tallulah)
18. “Jornada”