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Tyler, the Creator Awards Himself the Key to the City of Boulder

Odd Future leader stages elaborate Colorado ceremony

Odd Future mastermind Tyler, the Creator took a break from tweeting about his farts today to share a video in which he is awarded the key to the city of Boulder, Colorado. Sort of. The ridiculous clip is obviously a guerrilla effort, but it’s impressive (and hilarious) nonetheless.

In the short film, producer and cameraman Lance Bangs asks, “Why Boulder?,” to which the rapper-turned-commercial-director simply responds, “Ah, I’m from here.” Tyler, of course, was raised in Los Angeles, but he still gets the kind of hero’s welcome a returning son deserves. In the back seat of a Suburban affixed with a Golf Wang-styled city seal, he arrives downtown to find his color guard in place — young folks in OF-issue yellow hoodies. When his procession stops, Tyler proceeds on foot, turns a corner, and finds a ramshackle marching band waiting for him. They continue on to a podium, where the rapper is awarded a cat-faced key for his “artistic vision and unique ability to speak for and inspire a generation,” not to mention, you know, picking up litter. When the Creator asks the crowd to join him in a call-and-response of the nonsense term, “Fookie-bookie,” one gets the feeling Dave Chappelle would be proud. Oh, and this is only part one.