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Watch Tricky’s Foreboding, Protester-Filled ‘Does It’ Video

Tricky, "Does It," video

There’s no question mark in the title of the second song to emerge from Tricky’s forthcoming album False Idols. Surely that’s intentional. The video for “Does It” premiered earlier today over at Rolling Stone, and in it the maestro behind 1995’s Maxinquaye smokily murmurs a series of interrogations — “Does it make you feel good / Make you feel hood” — as his own dimly lit face is juxtaposed with color-drained footage of violence and protests. As with previously shared False Idols cut “Nothing’s Changed,” the jittery beats here confirm Tricky’s return to his ’90s bleakness and passion, in this case driven by an insistent bass line. The song’s chorus, delivered by a female vocalist, mixes the personal and political, though in a somewhat general way. If no longer earth-shattering, it all intriguingly connects the dots between trip-hop and the post-dubstep diaspora, between one decade’s looming terror and another’s. Easy does it, they say? Tricky did it.