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Hear the Thermals’ Haunted Scorcher ‘The Sunset’

The Thermals

Thermals frontman Hutch Harris told SPIN the arc of his Portland punk trio’s April 16 album Desperate Ground is “about someone learning to deal with the harsh reality around them.” The now-Saddle Creek-signed band has already shared napalm-blasting opener “Born to Kill” and its fantastically bloody video. Now via Consequence of Sound comes “The Sunset,” another urgent romp that’s still early on the LP, but nevertheless shows the narrator beginning to apprehend his dark situation. In a key line, Harris roars, “Now I feel free to kill / But I know, my shadows, they follow me still / And they probably always will.”

Can’t wait to stick with this record all the way through to closing track “Our Love Survives,” which, based on Harris’ comparisons of the album to the film Full Metal Jacket, we fear may not be a happy ending.