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Watch the Strokes’ Entire Career in Three Minutes in ‘All The Time’ Video

A warm, fuzzy home-video'd walk down memory lane

Though they haven’t ruled it out completely, the Strokes most likely won’t tour for their sprung-on-us fifth studio album, Comedown Machine, due March 26 on RCA. It’s no wonder then, that the video for first single “All the Time” takes an equally laissez-faire approach. Instead of a high-concept shoot, the boys compiled a career’s worth of archival footage — from their early club days to their late-night television appearances and festival headlining sets — in a breakneck three-minute survey of the band’s evolution. Fitting for a song that marks the band’s return to its muddy, garage-rock rock, the video is all happy times, band hugs, and fond memories, and we’d be lying if we said it doesn’t inspire sweet pangs of nostalgia.