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See the Soft Moon’s Hellishly Surreal ‘Insides’ Video

The Soft Moon Insides Video Zeros

The Soft Moon’s Zeros is both frighteningly good and downright frightening — a claustrophobic batch of warped soundscapes supporting the hissed-out vocals of San Francisco’s Luis Vasquez. The 2012 album was an apt extension of the tiny terrors found on the preceding Total Decay EP, and the videos that accompany the thing only seem to get stranger and scarier as we go. In January, we saw the static-saturated “Die Life” video and now we have an even more harrowing example above for Zeros highlight “Insides,” which premiered on Stereogum today.

Directed by Jacqueline Castel (Blank Dogs, Zola Jesus, Pop. 1280), the video mostly revolves around a freestanding door that seems to lead to a different plane of existence. Sometimes Vasquez stands within the frame, and sometimes he’s just a grainy projection warping against a shifting grid. The creepy song pits his pained wails against blowing wind, which only helps bring this strange desert scene to life. Shouts to El Topo and various rings of fire. This one is hellishly surreal. No wonder Trent Reznor tapped the kid for a How to Destroy Angels remix.