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Watch the Simpsons Do Their Very Own ‘Harlem Shake,’ Homer Style

The Simpsons Harlem Shake Homer Shake Video

Well, this was an inevitability as Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” slowly worms its way into the very fabric of the universe. As a side effect of the dance craze going viral, the New York producer accidentally contributed to the gentrification of an emerging genre before scoring a No. 1 placement (two weeks running) on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The track also got a high-schooler arrested, inspired peaceful revolution in Egypt, and gave Azealia Banks yet another opportunity to explore her deep thoughts about homophobic slurs. When you’re working with that kind of firepower, it’s only a matter of time before Matt Groening’s people catch on (hell, they noticed the Decemberists) and shoehorn the silly thing into the lives of that curiously unaging family we love so dearly, The Simpsons.

Sure enough, a new promo clip for the series’ 24th season begins innocently enough: our favorite Springfield citizens lounging on that familiar burnt sienna couch. But what’s that? Baby Maggie is wearing a motorcycle helmet, Homer is screaming something in fake Spanish, and there are wubs (wubs!) pounding through our speakers. Yes, the “Homer Shake” has arrived and it features a whole bunch of characters freaking the eff out. Happy Friday?