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The-Dream Blames Touring Plans for Latest ‘IV Play’ Delay


The-Dream announced yesterday he would be delaying the release of his upcoming album IV Play by a few weeks to May 28. The follow-up to 2010’s trilogy-crowning Love King has been postponed before: At one point it was supposed to come out in September 2011 and be titled The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man), but then along came the excellent mixtape 1977, initially shared for free under birth name Terius Nash but then reissued as a The-Dream album for money. Somewhere along the way, the planned title for his next album briefly became Love IV MMXXII. It’s complicated.

Anyway, The-Dream has offered assurances that this time, the delay is for good reason and IV Play isn’t some cruel trick he plays on the world, like Lucy pulling away Charlie Brown’s football. Earlier today on Twitter, or probably late last night if we know Nash like we think we do, the Radio Killa tweeted that work for an upcoming tour caused the delay. So, The-Dream will be touring. No other details are clear just yet, but they will be revealed in sweet time. Hey, The-Dream is the guy who (heroically!) told R&B radio you’ve got to “Slow It Down.”