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The Darkness’ ‘With a Woman’ Video Is a Goofy ‘Hot For Teacher’ Remake

The Darkness 'With a Woman' Video Hot For Teacher Stripper Bear

To hate the Darkness is to hate fun. To love the Darkness is to love schlock. And therein lies the frustrating side of this Suffolk glam band: lest you be labeled a complete bore or an utter dumbass, you’re forced to tolerate Justin Hawkins right down to the ridiculous mustache on his face. Historically speaking, tolerance has its merits however, and without it SPIN wouldn’t have bothered to confront the band’s lead howler last year, and we might’ve missed this goofy remake of Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher.”

Above, Hot Cakes single “With a Woman” gets a visual narrative courtesy of director Warren Fu, but there’s an unusual twist. When Miss Black’s young admirer runs to the bathroom in order to, erm, relieve himself (via a wicked air-guitar solo, of course), the teacher undergoes an unexpected transformation. Those paying attention will notice the clip is pegged as “Episode 1” — plus it ends with a “TO BE CONTINUED…” Well, fans won’t have to wait, as “Episode 2” came out in June via “Everybody Have a Good Time”: