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See Skrillex and A$AP Rocky Get ‘Wild for the Night’ in the Dominican Republic

Skrillex A$AP Rocky 'Wild for the Night' Video Birdy Nam Nam

Harlem star A$AP Rocky and California EDM king Skrillex take a trip to the Dominican Republic in the new video for their collaborative track, “Wild for the Night.” We’re initially greeted with colorful images of chickens and shanties, kids doing bridge dives, and flying kites, but the scoring is ominous and soon those same children are toting guns (well, technically, they’re holding blurs). As the clip plays out, we discover that the A$AP Mob has infiltrated the DR’s seedy underbelly, and that A$AP is the Tony Montana of this scrappy scene. In a way, he is the anti-Thunderbird Gerard. Skrillex shows up later, but at that point the posse’s primary focus is party, and they jump around a lot before totally crushing an aggro concert thrown in a cinderblock dungeon. Dig those aerial shots though, and those Tommy Bahama shirts. French DJs Birdy Nam Nam get a credit, too — perhaps for the live remix tossed in at the end?

“Wild for the Night” hails from LONG.LIVE.A$AP, which wound up scoring a Worst New Music.