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Download the Two Songs Ryan Adams Debuted in London the Other Night

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams unveiled two new songs earlier this week at a concert in London, and now fan-recorded audio of the performances has surfaced over at Ryan Adams Archive. It’s going to take some time to make out the words, but a quick listen confirms early reports that the new material, while basically in an Americana-folk tradition throughout, shows contrasting sides of the former Whiskeytown frontman. “This Is Where We Meet in My Mind” is mellow and mournful, with a detail-rich, jazzy feeling courtesy of Adams’ expert backing band. “In the Shadows” is more of a talking-blues rave-up, opening with a lyric about driving at night. It’s too early to tell what these two songs portend for the new album Adams also reportedly has on the way, but if it’s true he’s working with the same musicians, it’s safe to assume everything will be sumptuously and expressively played.

Download the two new songs and the improvised “Loaf of Bread” here.