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Ryan Adams Has a New Punk Band Called Pornography

ryan adams, pornography, last nite at the opera

This year’s Record Store Day (April 20) is bringing a flood of nostalgia-inducing reissues — the White Stripes’ Elephant and the Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy, to name two — but the annual vinyl holiday will also deliver a brand-new release from Ryan Adams’ brand-new band, Pornography.

According to a press release, the Heartbreaker has formed a punk three-piece with singer Leah Hennessey and Rock N Roll-era collaborator Johnny T. Yerington. The outfit’s seven-song, 7-inch vinyl debut, “7 Minutes in Heaven,” will arrive on April 20 via Adams’ own PAX-AM label.

“I told Ryan I wanted to make sad bastard music and the next day he asked me to come sing in his and Johnny’s punk band, which is when we wrote and recorded the entirety of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven,'” Hennessey said in a statement. “We never give ourselves more than a few minutes to write the songs so we can’t really afford to censor ourselves or be less stupid.” As per the press release, Pornography have also begun working on another EP and full-length album.

For a quick fling with the upcoming “7 Minutes in Heaven” 7-inch — which was produced by Gus Oberg, who will reportedly play bass for Pornography’s live shows — stream the vinyl’s opening track, “Last Nite at the Opera.” It’s 53 seconds of bubblegum-smacking, leather jacket-wrapped pop-punk and it can be heard below, along with the full track list.

“7 Minutes in Heaven” track list:

1. “Last Nite at the Opera”
2. “Bald Spot”
3. “Police Scanner”
4. “Violent Conversion”
5. “Fake Snake, Real Pony”
6. “Cats & Dogs”
7. “Punch Him”