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Rihanna’s Tour Bus Busted for Way Less Pot Than You’d Expect

If the first rule of touring is “Always remember the name of the city you’re performing in,” the second rule is definitely “Properly hide your drug stash when crossing the U.S. border.” Last September, Fiona Apple was arrested for hash possession at the notoriously narc-heavy border stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Today, some dude involved in Rihanna’s tour was busted for marijuana as the singer’s fleet of 10 coach buses  made its way out of Canada. Rihanna, however, was not on any of the buses at the time of the incident.

According to TMZ, on the bridge that connects Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan, border patrol officers smelled marijuana emanating from one of Rihanna’s traveling caravans. Drug-sniffing dogs were brought in to search each vehicle. Remarkably, only one male was found holding a small amount of weed, and not the Half Baked bricks you’d imagine would be found on a Rihanna tour bus. The unnamed male was issued a civil penalty and the buses were permitted to enter Michigan, where Rihanna will perform tomorrow night.

Although RiRi’s Instagram is a montage of pot-smoking and the singer herself dressed as Princess Chronic for Halloween, she has once again managed to sidestep any punishment for her recreational drug use. Perhaps she was getting high on her hell plane instead.