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Rihanna’s 777 Tour Documentary Cleared for Landing On Fox

Rihanna 777 Tour Fox Documentary Airplane Television

Where were you when Rihanna’s jet plane was almost overthrown by a handful of drunk, sleep-deprived journalists? SPIN was there, of course, documenting the pop star’s in-air 777 Tour every gigantic step of the way — from Mexico City to Toronto, to Stockholm (syndrome), to a decidedly cray Paris, to Berlin and London and, finally, New York City. For those who couldn’t make the entire trip, the experience is now coming to television.

Sure enough, on Monday, May 6, Fox will air Rihanna 777, a documentary on the unprecedented trip featuring behind-the-scenes footage and probably a few shots of our own Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, who pointed out the presence of RiRi’s camera crew on Day One. The Hollywood Reporter says newcomer Fenty Films is behind the production, with help from Love Live (probably not this anime series) and Gravité Creative.

Fox is, of course, home to American Idol, a show that is ever in need of a steady stream of celebrity judges with singing experience. Now that Rihanna’s got a fashion line to prop up, plus a little indirect TV drama experience thanks to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, she may be ready to go for a walk in Nicki Minaj’s super ridiculous hat. Plus, she’s gotta work on building that nest egg, since she might be, ugh, marrying Chris Brown.