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Watch Drunk Riff Raff Freestyle About Failed Hoop Dreams for 10 Minutes

RiFF RaFF is many things, and one of them is a great freestyler. The Internet goofball/Swishahouse revivalist is out in Europe right now, and he recently swung by Amsterdam’s 101Barz, where he freestyled for nearly 10 minutes. Among the topics broached are Ed O’Bannon, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Daffy Duck, geometry, French toast, and the human qualities of his car’s TV screens.

RiFF RaFF’s pure talent as a rapper is obscured by the mist of online ephemera that clings to everything he does, but he remains relevant thanks to things like this. Your favorite rapper wouldn’t take champagne to the head and freestyle live on a radio show for 10 minutes, and he or she wouldn’t even try. Nor would he or she rip his or her MTV chain off his or her neck, but RiFF RaFF probably regrets that part.