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Passion Pit Stalk a Girl’s Romantic History in ‘Cry Like a Ghost’ Video

passion pit, cry like a ghost

Passion Pit spied on a troubled couple’s cycle of bickering for last month’s “Carried Away” music video, and now the Michael Angelakos-led synth-poppers bounce between a few failed relationships in the just-released clip for “Cry Like a Ghost,” another helium-infused groove off last year’s Gossamer LP. As directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert explain in a behind-the-scenes feature, the song’s “crunchy” and “booty-smacking” intro inspired them to make a short about “a girl dancing through her relationships… we’re trying to show how messy, confusing, funny, and sad and weird that is.”

The young lady in question moves back and forth through her romantic history, hopping from man to man. One late-night hook-up morphs into a post-coital cuddle in another guy’s bed; a night of dancing with one dude becomes a rain-soaked kiss with someone else. She fights off the heartbroken memories eventually, but as the camera fades to black our tear-streaked heroine begins running backward through the woods, sure to retrace her steps.

Watch the official edit up top and head down for an extended cut, as well as a look at the making of the video.