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My Chemical Romance Fans Demand Proper Farewell With Thousands-Strong Petition

my chemical romance, mcrmy

My Chemical Romance are no more, but the MCRmy aren’t hearing it.

After the emo rockers announced they were breaking up in a surprise blog post published on their official website last week, devotees of the New Jersey outfit started a petition demanding one last world tour from MCR.

“They ended so abruptly without saying goodbye to their fans properly, and the MCRmy is upset,” the so-emo-it-hurts mission statement reads. “They need to do it correctly if they’re going to do it at all.”

The petition needs 10,000 supporters to reach its goal, and currently, the protest is within 200 signatures of hitting the mark. Of course, who can know what getting 10,000 people to complain on the Internet will yield. Well, then again…

Regardless of whether Gerard Way will once again don his bulletproof vest or resume leading The Black Parade, this forum serves as a testament to the impact My Chemical Romance has had on their (admittedly sensitive) followers. Sure, we can look at photos taken throughout MCR’s 12-year career and reminisce, but the fans are clearly not ready to say so long and goodnight. Things are better if you stay, guys.