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Mumford & Sons Trick Fans Into Watching ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Video Four Times

Mumford and Sons Whispers in the Dark Video Fake Beard Motorcycle Gang

Our opinions about Mumford & Sons’ Grammy-winning album Babel and their Billboard chart dominance are fairly well known, but we can still appreciate when the band pokes fun at itself. That’s not to say the music video for “Whispers in the Dark” is all that good — anything starring The Wire‘s Idris Elba is automatically better, and this clip’s four-way split-screen makes catching all of the details an exasperating slog (unless you love hearing those “pompous vowel-stretching choruses” over and over). But the boys have a little fun with their images as each hustles to make it to their Camden, New Jersey concert in time (via MTV). Cool guy Marcus Mumford joins a motorcycle gang. Party boy Ben Lovett wakes up in a parking lot and eventually abandons his car in traffic to finish the trip on foot. Thoughtful bro Ted Dwane arrives on a naval vessel in Tenenbaum fashion. And Winston Marshall spoofs the whole lot by having his clothes pointedly mussed up and a fake beard applied to his face before he hits the stage. Touché, ye fiddle-faddlers.